The Bobby Greenlease Story

"Eighty-One Day's"

 “The secrets and lies behind the kidnapping of Bobby Greenlease.” Represent a true story in our history as well as the actual timeline from the abduction of the six-year-old boy to the quick apprehension of the couple and their death sentence carried out on December 18, 1953. Their death by the gas chamber was the maximum penalty.

Readers will find this actual and brutal kidnapping, is one that very few American’s know or have read about, unless of course, they were around back in September 1953. At that time the enter nation read the newspaper articles daily as they kept abreast of the ongoing investigation. The kidnapping took place in St. Louis, Missouri on September 28. Bobby Greenlease was only a six-year-old child. This case was the second largest kidnapping case in our history at the time, after the unusual and horrific Lindbergh Baby incident, which took place on March 1, 1932, or even the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra’s son Frank in 1963 where his ransom request was for only $240,000.

The St. Louis Police worked diligently and did most of the investigation, while the FBI worked secretly behind the scenes. Abducted from his school, Bobby was kidnapped by Ms. Bonnie Heady and her alcoholic boyfriend, Carl Austin Hall. Their ransom demand was for $600,000 {in Today's money it would be worth $5,552,000} from their wealthy mother and father, which they gladly paid for the safe release of their cherished son. When the couple was captured, the police only obtained $297,000. The mystery of the remaining $303,000 remained a key factor in the crime.

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