Mafia Street boss is an in-depth look into the activities of the Cleveland Mafia and the personal fight and life of one of their Capo’s Frank Brancato. For fifty years Brancato ran all of the illegal gambling in Ohio.

His life story as it was seen in the daily newspapers of The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Cleveland Press and the Cleveland News from 1925 until 1973. In 1946 Al Polizzi the current “Boss” who then left Cleveland and retired in Coral Gables Florida and promoted John Scalish to be the “Boss” in Cleveland.

Tony Milano who was the current underboss retired as well and moved to Los Angeles. John Scalish never named an actual successor to become his underboss Tony Milano but after a few years Frank Brancato and his good friend John DeMarco took over the day to day role. Frank Brancato was a born gambler; it was in his mind, body and soul. He took a gambled when he left his home in Sicily in the early 1900’ for America. He gambled again as he left a good job as a longshoreman and left New York and came to Cleveland in the early 1920 where he rose up in ranks to become Cleveland’s Capo or Street boss to many men in the organization.

Frank Brancato gambled a lot during his life and when he did he would bet heavy, sometimes he won big and others he lost big, but in the end his gambling paid off and lived a full and rich life the way he wanted, his way. For many years, FBI agents were under direct orders from the Director, J. Edgar Hoover himself; to observe Brancato’s activities and attempt to collect information that would lead to a criminal conviction and his deportation.

Throughout the years, various agents-G-Men- had made several attempts to pin mob-style “hits” on Brancato. However, eyewitnesses would suddenly disappear or die from an unexpected-or mysterious-illness. Cases would quickly fall apart for lack of evidence and Brancato would walk away clean. With years of robbery, extortion, murder and bootlegging under his belt, Brancato moved quickly up the La Cosa Nostra ladder. Allegedly in 1972 one year before his death, Frank Brancato took on his last role within the mafia family as their Consigliore.

Mr. Brancato had been credited with bringing Danny Greene into the Cleveland crime scene. Frank Brancato has been mentioned in two well-known books by author Rick Porrello, “The rise and fall of the Cleveland Mafia and To Kill the Irishman”. Mr. Brancato was portrayed by actor Vinny Vella (Casino, the Soprano’s and in the movie “To Kill the Irishman” which was released back in 2011.

“Mafia Street Boss” Continues to give Clevelander’s the excitement and romance of a Mob Boss, as well as it expanses accurate and exciting news on the Mafia activities that took place in our wonderful city from 1930 until his death in 1973.