As one of Frank Brancato’s eighteen grandchildren I have a first-hand look and insight into this life. This book is written from both a personal view and from the knowledge I have learned from relatives and the hundreds of newspaper articles and Microfilm. 

I was able to find valuable information at the Cleveland State University Library that depicted his criminal actives almost daily for many years to the Federal Freedom of Information Act which I was able to obtain the 1310 pages from actual FBI agents who documented their activities while they did their interviews and watched over his activities in Cleveland, New York, Las Vegas, California and Hawaii.

I am sixty-years old. I am currently retired . I am married to my third wife Judy for thirteen years and we have three grown children and six grandchildren together. I have lived in Ohio all my life.

My second book in the series involving Organized Crime, is call "King of Clubs"and deals with the Illegal Casinos in Ohio and the third is named "Gangland Cleveland Style" and will deal with the men who operated the Cleveland Crime Syndicate.