Mafia Street Boss is a comprehensive account of over five decades of one Sicilian immigrant who turns to crime and a dangerous lifestyle as he struggles to survive and raise his family in America.

In Cleveland during the early 1930’s, Frank Brancato was a known bootlegger who had been charged with several murders in a brutal and deadly turf war over the profitable “Corn Sugar Wars” between the two strong and powerful rival Mafia families; the Porrello and the Lonardo’s.

The Mafia is one of the most feared and a very powerful criminal organization throughout the world has ever known.  The city of Cleveland, Ohio had their own powerful force and was no different than New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

Over many years, the famous “Mayfield Road Gang” under the direction of brother’s Frank and Tony Milano helped the Cleveland family to make millions of dollars from prohibition, running rackets involving loansharking, gambling, theft, as well as extortion, and of course the rise of Las Vegas and their interest in the Desert Inn hotel.